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Goods worth MVR 3 billion imported to Maldives in June

Lamya Abdulla
29 July 2021, MVT 20:19
Customs Building: According to statistics released by Customs Maldives, Maldives saw an increase of 44 percent from June 2020 this year — Photo: Mihaaru
Lamya Abdulla
29 July 2021, MVT 20:19

Maldives imported MVR 3 billion worth of goods to Maldives last month, according to the statistics released by Maldives Customs Service.

This is an increase of 44 percent compared to June 2020. In June 2020.

Maldives imported MVR 2.1 billion worth of products.

Compared to last year however, only a three percent increase was seen in exported products in June 2021. Maldives exported 221 million Rufiyaa worth of products in June 2020. This year, the exported amount was worth 228 million Rufiyaa in June.

The revenue generated by Customs has increased this year by 59 percent as well. In June 2020, Customs generated 156 million Rufiyaa. Last month, 247 million Rufiyaa was generated.

The leading importers to Maldives last month were Oman, China, and Singapore. They imported products worth 490 million Rufiyaa, 391 million Rufiyaa and 354 million Rufiyaa respectively.

Maldives exported 30 percent of its entire exports in June to Thailand, followed by 16 percent to Japan and Germany.