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Nilandhoo Airport cannot be stopped, jets will land: Pres

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has said that the Nilandhoo Airport development project cannot be stopped, and that it will be able to cater to jets once complete.

Hanaan Hussain
14 April 2024, MVT 11:22
Hanaan Hussain
14 April 2024, MVT 11:22

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has stated that the Nilandhoo Airport is a project always listed for the development of the island, and that it will be completed at a fast pace so that a good quality airport is made accessible to the people.

The President made the remarks while meeting with the people of Nilandhoo on the island. "The work of the airport, which is first, second, third, tenth and one hundredth on the development list for Nilandhoo, has already begun and cannot be stopped," said President Dr Miuzzu.

Noting that the airport would host a runway measuring 1,800 meters in length, President Dr Muizzu stated that the facility would be able to cater to jets.

President Dr Muizzu also highlighted that Nilandhoo was to be developed into an urban zone under the regional development plan of the government, which would create seven economic hubs across the country outside of the Greater Malé Area. He added that Nilandhoo would become an island offering high quality services in a way that all citizens of Faafu Atoll could be proud of.

In his speech, the President also revealed that a 20-year master plan for Maldives' development was being drawn up in the government, and that work was being done to afford legal protections to the plan. President Dr Muizzu stated that this could only be achieved through a parliament with members who will use it's power do what the government wants to achieve.

"People are disappointed that things have not progressed in so many years. There are more things included in this plan than you have asked for. I will make this island an urban center that all citizens of this atoll can be proud of," said President Dr Muizzu.