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MIFCO will be made free of influences and restructured: Minister Shiyam

Shiyam stated that MIFCO is unable to pay the fishermen due to the company's high expenses contributed to by influential people of power and that the government will restructure and reform the company to prevent it from further being under such influences.

Aishath Shuba Solih
20 February 2024, MVT 17:14
Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Resources Ahmed Shiyam speaking at the parliament
Aishath Shuba Solih
20 February 2024, MVT 17:14

Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Resources Ahmed Shiyam has declared today that MIFCO will be liberated from political influences and that the company will be restructured.

Shiyam declared this during today’s parliamentary meeting in response to Vilingili Constituency parliamentarian Saud Hussain’s allegation that the Minister is oblivious to the state of MIFCO and fishermen alongside the MP’s inquiry on why the fishermen’s payments remain unsettled.

As explained by Shiyam, MIFCO is unable to settle their payments due to high expenses and that the people who contributed most to this result were influential personnel of the state.

He further highlighted that the protests currently carried out by the fishermen also presents a complaint of MIFCO remaining under the influence of a certain individual.

“Especially when they visit Huvadhoo, some fishermen are questioning why MIFCO is instating people into company positions under the influence and power of a certain individual,” the minister said.

Minister asserted that the reimbursement of the fish caught by the fishermen can only be regulated with the minimization of MIFCO expenses and that even the fishermen wish for the cessation of employments influenced by the inclination of certain people.

Shiyam stated that the government is presently facing challenges and difficulties due to their attempts to cease this influence as well. Regardless, the minister ensured that this government will allow no opening for MIFCO to “bleed” and assured that the company will be restructured and reformed.

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