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The bridge that will transform Addu can be built by Muizzu: Nizaar

Addu City Mayor, Ali Nizar highly praised President Dr Muizzu for working to realize the dreams of Addu City residents of the construction of a bridge. An agreement was signed today with an Egyptian company to begin the early stages of the project.

Aishath Shuba Solih
20 February 2024, MVT 05:57
President Muizzu speaking to Addu City Mayor Nizaar during his first official visit to Addu City -- Photo: President's Office
Aishath Shuba Solih
20 February 2024, MVT 05:57

Addu City Mayor, Ali Nizar stated today that the most capable man to implement large-scale projects that will transform the city and realize the long-standing dreams of the people of the city is the President, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

This bridge that will connect Hithadhoo and Hulhumeedhoo is a huge structural development project and remains the longest bridge that will be built within the country.

While at the ceremony to mark the signing of the contract of the project of Hithadhoo-Hulhumeedhoo bridge to an Egyptian company, Nizar stated that this is bridge is the actualization of the city resident’s enduring dream. He remarked that it is only now that the dream is being founded and that this is the happiest day of his political career.

The ceremony was attended by the President, State Ministers and Senior Representatives of the State.

Nizar highlighted that the bridge was not a topic that just anyone dared to speak of and stated that this was due to the length and cost observations. He asserted that therefore, none other than very few political members were bold enough to speak about the bridge.

The Hithadhoo-Hulhumeedhoo bridge is the longest bridge built in the country to date with a length of 13-15km. The first bridge ever built over the sea in Maldives, the Sinamale Bridge has a length of 1.3km and the bridge that is being constructed to connect Male, Vilimale, Gulhifalhu and Thilafushi is 6.7km long.

“I am without a doubt the person that most unyieldingly advocated that the bridge needs to be constructed. Today, I am very delighted that this hope was actualized within this term of the council,” he said.

Following the President Muizzu's meeting with the Addu City Council members and Alif.Thaa.Meemu Committee during his first official visit to Addu City -- Photo: President's Office

Nizar had highly praised the president for initiating the Hithadhoo-Hulhumeedhoo bridge project in today’s ceremony. This bridge was amongst the biggest pledges made by the president during his campaign.

“Large-scale projects such as this are the reflections of a man who can transform the entire world,” Nizar said.

“The councilors and companions by my side will attest to this: I always talk about this. (That) President Dr. Muizzu will build the bridge. I was this convinced because a president who speaks directly to the people with such astute confidence will undoubtedly perform it.”

Nizar further stated that the president had assured him of the bridge’s completion during the Addu City Council meeting held with the president.

“He had said with great certainty that there is no other major project to be done within the country except for this. He had given his assurance even yesterday to the council that the construction of the bridge will commence. This bridge is the beginning of Addu City’s development,” Nizar said.

Minister of Construction and Infrastructure Dr Abdulla Muththalib and Egypt's The Arab Contractors' Engineer Heba Ahmed at the signing of the Addu Bridge agreement.-- Photo: President's Office

Nizar remarked that many are questioning this development of a bridge in Addu City. He detailed that among the questions asked, people inquire about what benefits the bridge offers the city and whether there are people who will travel across the bridge.

Nevertheless, Nizar assured that the truth is that this this bridge will become a strong structural development project that will transform Addu City alongside the views of these people.

“Addu need this bridge to transform the city. To change its appearance. To reverse the perceptions about Addu. It is in investment brought to Addu to change the perspectives of investors that visit the city,” he said.

This bridge project that connects Hithadhoo and Hulhumeedhoo was assigned to Egypt’s The Arab Contractors, Osman Ahmed Osman & Co.. The agreement signed today was in consensus of delivering the surveys and designs for the bridge project’s preliminaries. The company had offered to conduct this work free of charge.