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ADK Hospital introduces Diploma in Nursing course

Anaan Bushry
25 March 2023, MVT 14:38
Adk hospital
Anaan Bushry
25 March 2023, MVT 14:38

The Shafi'a Institute of Health at ADK is now accepting applications for diploma in nursing courses, which will begin at the end of this month.

The Shafi'a Institute is the first in the country to offer training opportunities for healthcare professionals in a hospital. The Diploma in Nursing course is also the first hospital-led course in the Maldives.

Out of the applicants, five students with the top academic scores will be granted scholarships for the program. Three of these scholarships have been allotted for the Ministry of Health.

Head Nurse and Patient Educator at ADK Hospital Aminath Rishfa said that the course only has a limited number of seats in order to maintain the quality of the course. Nurses are required to monitor the practical training portion of the course. After considering all such factors, 20 students will be given the opportunity this time, she said.

There is a high percentage of foreign nurses in the country, and local nurses are direly needed in this field. The institute aims to increase the number of local nurses. The diploma course in nursing is a stepping stone for achieving this.

More such courses are expected to be launched in the near future. Among these are initiatives to train nurses in specialty areas that are not unavailable in the country.

ADK Hospital will provide practical experience to students trained by the institute. Since ADK Hospital is a multi-specialty facility, students will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with major operations and procedures that are not typically performed in other hospitals.

Students who complete this course will be eligible for employment at ADK Hospital.

Shafi'a Institute of Health already offers professional development courses such as the Emergency Medical Technician Course, the Advanced Life Support Course, and Emergency Obstetric Response.

Note: This is an advertorial for the ADK Hospital.

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