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Temporary VISA center for UK opened in Foreign Ministry

Lamya Abdulla
03 August 2021, MVT 12:54
Sign outside Temporary VISA Center in Foreign Ministry: the center will accept applications until Wednesday -- Photo: Foreign Ministry
Lamya Abdulla
03 August 2021, MVT 12:54

A temporary VISA center for the United Kingdom (UK) was opened in the Foreign Ministry of Maldives on Monday.

The center started accepting applications yesterday. They will be collecting biometric enrollments and other required documents from all applicants that have made prior appointments. The center will be accepting applications until Wedneday.

This center was opened in Maldives a

This center was opened after Maldives requested The UK opened a center in Maldives at its request.

The temporary United Kingdom Visa Application Centre has started accepting visa applications today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Visa Centre will collect the biometric enrollments and documents from all applicants who have made prior appointments.

According to the Foreign Ministry, this center will make travel into the UK easier for Maldivian travelers, especially for students waiting to travel there for higher education.