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Two killed in speedboat accident

Lamya Abdulla
22 May 2022, MVT 11:01
An image put together to show Mohamed Shafiu (L) and Misbaah Abdul Muhsin who passed away on Saturday after a marine accident --
Lamya Abdulla
22 May 2022, MVT 11:01

Two men died in a marine accident on a speedboat in Gaafu Alifu atoll Villingil on Saturday night.

The accident happened as the speedboat hit the harbour wall as it attempted to enter the island. Two people who fell into the sea were declared dead when they were taken to the hospital on the island.

Misbaah Abdul Muhsin from Villingili and Mohamed Shafiu from Noonu Landhoo had passed away in these accident.

According to the police, a total of five people were on the speedboat when the accident happened.

The remaining three are being treated at the hospital for various injuries, police said. Details of their condition are yet to be ascertained.

Referring to the statement made by hospital on the island, police said last night that one of the injured were being treated on a ventilator and that they were planning to move them to Male' for further medical treatment.

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