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Man in falling glass pallet accident passes away

16 January 2021, MVT 14:07
The glass pallet which fell onto the victim, in pieces inside the cargo container at MPL Commercial Harbour.
16 January 2021, MVT 14:07

The man who was caught under a falling glass pallet at Male' Commercial Harbour earlier this month, passed away on Saturday.

Abdulla Asim, aged 27 from Landhoo, Noonu Atoll, was working on unloading glass pallets from a cargo container with a forklift, inside the commercial harbour at Maldives Ports Ltd (MPL), on January 7.

Asim, along with another individual, was inside the container when one of the pallets toppled onto them during unloading. Asim was trapped under the glass pallet, while the other, also injured, was rushed immediately to hospital.

Asim was saved after the rescue team sliced open one of the walls of the container. He'd suffered serious injuries, according to eyewitness reports and photographs circulated on social media.

However, local media reported that the news of his passing on Saturday came after Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) told the press earlier that the patient's condition was not life-threatening. At the time, IGMH had stated that he was being treated in a ward, and that the worst of the injuries were on his bones.

Asim's funeral rites were held after the noon prayer on Saturday.

There have been intermittent reports of dangerous accidents at the Male' Commercial Harbour. The latest such incident took place in September 2017, when an MPL staff's leg was caught in a container while loading cargo containers to a freighter vessel, resulting in amputation.

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