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Malé City Council to fix flood prone roads

Malé suffers from severe flooding during rainy days. City Council says this project will alleviate the issue.

Ameera Osmanagic
20 June 2024, MVT 10:13
Mayor of Malé City Council Azam Azim observing the progress of Izzuddeen Magu -- Photo: Malé City Council.
Ameera Osmanagic
20 June 2024, MVT 10:13

Malé City Council has decided to fix individual roads which are prone to flooding as a preventive measure against parts of the city being submerged when bad weather hits, and has begun work on one such roads.

The first road to be repaired is Izzuddeen Magu in Maafannu ward, where Falaah Pre-School is located. The council's decision for the road to is to remove all the paving stones from the road and rearrange them after levelling the road.

The council noted that the road is slow to drain when it rains and highlighted that once the road is fixed, it would be easer for pedestrians and students to use the roads.

"Fixing of roads which are prone to flooding will continue in the coming days," the city council said.

Malé's Mayor Adam Azim went to Izzuddeen Magu this evening and observed the road's progress.

Road Development Corporation (RDC), in collaboration with Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) and the Infrastructure Ministry also inaugurated a project on 9th May to remedy the city's flooding issues.

Back then, Infrastructure Minister Dr Abdulla Muthhalib said that the project was a temporary fix to the problem before starting on the development of the modern roads.

"MNDF [Maldives National Defence Force] works very hard when it floods due to rain. They face big challenges too. As such, the most impacted area is here [West Park area]. That's because of how the roads are made in this area. It's made in such a way that all the water collects here," the Minister said.

Since arriving from his trip to China last December, President Dr Mohamed Muizzu stressed that the administration would prioritize road construction in Malé using the USD 130 million aid offered by China.

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