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School sessions to begin with national anthem to instill nationalism

Shafqa Abdulraheem
06 December 2023, MVT 12:05
A special assembly held at Salahuddin School
Shafqa Abdulraheem
06 December 2023, MVT 12:05

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has decided to commence every school session with the national anthem to instill the spirit of nationalism in the hearts of students.

Speaking at a press conference held at the President's Office on Tuesday, December 5 to announce the cabinet's decisions, the President stated that the change will be implemented from the next semester after schools close this December.

President Muizzu described it as a decision to instill love for the national anthem, the national flag, and patriotism at an early age.

"To encourage people to understand the meaning of what is said [in the national anthem] and to develop a love for it," he said.

Following the change, President Muizzu stated that reviving patriotism was one of the most important commitments of his government.

President Muizzu's 'Week 14' roadmap includes the president's first 100-day pledges and also includes special national programs in schools aimed at increasing students' appreciation for Islam, nationalism, and Maldivian history and culture.

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