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Pres Solih says just an MDP govt is preferable, but a coalition is necessary to win

27 January 2023, MVT 22:57
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih at the rally held in Addu City to close his campaign on 26th January 2023.
27 January 2023, MVT 22:57

A sole Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) government, without any coalition partners, is preferable; however, past experience indicates forming a coalition will be necessary to secure the majority vote, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said on Thursday night.

At his final campaign rally in Addu City, the MDP presidential hopeful and the incumbent President asserted that he is the party’s best chance of winning the presidential election slated for September this year.

He has already proven he can work with coalition partners, something that his opponent, Parliament Speaker and MDP’s President Mohamed Nasheed, is unable to do, according to Solih.

Even though MDP is the largest political party in the country, President Solih said that it would be difficult to secure more than 50 percent of the votes in a nation-wide election. He said a coalition would be necessary to win the presidential election.

"I would also like to see just MDP as the ruling party, and a government formed by MDP," Solih said.

He said that there are always compromises to be made when working with a coalition government, but he assured that MDP, as the largest party, has always had an advantage.

President Solih said that the election held tomorrow will determine whether MDP will have to be "out on the streets" again and said that the easiest way to ensure that does not happen is by voting for him in the election.

The two candidates officially concluded their campaign activities today.

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