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ACC to probe Dhuvaafaru Council graft

Mohamed Rehan
08 August 2022, MVT 15:29
Members of Dhuvaafaru Council during one of the council's meetings-- Photo: Facebook
Mohamed Rehan
08 August 2022, MVT 15:29

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) on Monday, August 8, announce its decision to probe the graft allegations of Raa atoll Dhuvaafaru Council.

The commission's media correspondent Mr. Hassan Manik confirms ACC's decision. He confirms the authority will be investigating the graft allegations tied to both Dhuvaafaru Council and Women's Development Committee.

The authority however, did not spare additional details regarding the case.

Members of Dhuvaavaru Council and the island's Women's Development Committee (WDC) allegedly transferred a combined total of MVR2 million to their personal banking accounts from the Council's account. The issue was brought to light in a Local Government Authority (LGA) report published in July 2022, which the authority had lodged as a case at ACC.

The report alleged both the island's council and its WDC had violated both Civil Service Act and Public Finance Act along with several other regulation violations.

Members of both Council and WDC are alleged with a number of violations which include lack of record-keeping, transfer of council funds to personal accounts and lending cash from the fund for personal motives.

LGA's July-edition report claims Dhuvaafaru Council's Assistant Director Mohamed Alifulhu had received the highest amount from the fund, reported at MVR711,617.

Council member Ahmed Samooh, violated Local Governance Act by holding a full-time employment at a tourist resort. This is prohibited strictly under the act.

While the Act dictates members will be dismissed from their held position upon failure to attend the council secretariat on seven consecutive days without proper or valid reason, it was found that members had been absent from the authority for as long as 50 consecutive days without proper reason.

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