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Opposition's election accusations stem from fear of defeat: MDP

22 September 2023, MVT 22:28
The President speaking at a campaign event: MDP says that the opposition is accusing the government of influencing the vote because they are sure of defeat.
22 September 2023, MVT 22:28

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has said that the opposition is accusing the government of influencing the second round of the election because they are sure of defeat.

The press statement issued by MDP in response to the allegations against the party said that rumors regarding the party's involvement in influencing the re-registration process for the second round are being circulated with the intent of disrupting the elections since they are certain their candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu will lose the election.

The press release reassured the public that MDP has no intention of taking any actions to influence the election. Furthermore, it expressed gratitude towards the campaign teams of the party and its coalition partners, who are working diligently across the Maldives to ensure re-registration within the limited time frame provided by the Elections Commission (EC). The statement encouraged everyone to sustain their efforts with enthusiasm until the re-registration deadline.

According to the MDP, the election is actually being influenced by the opposition. In this regard, they said that the opposition was misleading people and re-registering the supporters of the MDP presidential candidate, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to locations far away from their actual residence. Therefore the party requested people to check whether they were registered to vote at the right place.

Voter registration locations can be verified using the website link: or by sending an SMS to 1414 with the text "VR" followed by a space and the ID card number of the individual.

The opposition raised questions since more than 25,000 people applied for re-registration within two days and alleged that the government was attempting to "steal" the election by submitting fake re-registration forms.

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