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Villa College hosts first Business Festival

Mohamed Rehan
31 May 2023, MVT 10:31
The first-ever Business Festival organized by Villa College, hosted by the college's Business Society in collaboration with the Faculty of Business Management-- Photo: Villa College
Mohamed Rehan
31 May 2023, MVT 10:31

Villa College recently organized its first-ever Business Festival, a collaborative event between the college's Business Society and the Faculty of Business Management.

According to Villa College, the one-day Business Festival was a major success, drawing a significant number of visitors, especially students seeking prospective career opportunities.

The Business Festival featured a range of projects carried out by exhibitors that incorporated business concepts, marketing practices, and innovative product ideas. During the event, the best project was also awarded. Additionally, exhibitors provided engaging games and activities for participants.

Besides showcasing various business concepts and ideas in one place, the festival provided opportunity for students to practice their theoretical studies. The event also encouraged students to pursue business and entrepreneurship careers.

Villa College reports participation of over 300 attendees in the festival, where product concepts were showcased in the form of a trade show. Students presented their projects to the attendees along with various business concepts.

The President of Villa College’s Business Society, Moosa Meekhail said that the festival encouraged students to present innovative business concepts and ideas. He further said the event provided opportunities to students seeking potential investors for their business ideas.

The Vice President of the Business Society Mohamed Uwais said that the festival was a success, and added that the society has planned similar festivals in the future as well.

Villa College organized its first-ever Business Festival in partnership with Dhiraagu, Ooredoo Maldives, BodyTech, Villa Trading, Shott Beverages, KNKK Concept Candles, Polaroid Express, Open Eye Productions, and Maldives Business Network along with other partners.

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