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Waste collection fee waived for electric bills below 34 units: WAMCO

Mohamed Rehan
26 May 2023, MVT 21:03
WAMCO will begin including waste collection charges in STELCO bills from June onwards
Mohamed Rehan
26 May 2023, MVT 21:03

The Waste Management Corporation (WAMCO) has announced that under the standards established for integrating the waste collection fee with electricity bills, residences with bills below 34 units of power consumption will not be charged for waste collection.

During a joint press conference with the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology, WAMCO's Managing Director, Yoosuf Siraj, said that residences consuming less than 34 units of electricity will not be charged for waste collection. He said that these residences will be categorized as households that do not produce waste and will not be required to register for the service.

Starting from June, the combined utility bills, including both electricity and waste collection charges, will be issued to residences.

"Although WAMCO fees will be tied to State Electric Company Limited (STELCO) bills for general households, commercial facilities are required to register separately for waste collection services," Siraj said.

Siraj further said that a dedicated team from WAMCO will conduct surveys of residences with multiple electricity meters. After evaluation, if it is determined that such residences are occupied by a single family, the household will be charged with a single bill for waste collection services.

WAMCO's Managing Director said that the charges for waste collection have not been revised.

"The fees currently collected for waste disposal are not the most ideal charges for WAMCO operations. For that, we would need to charge at least MVR 350 from each household. However, the government has decided not to change the rates. Therefore, we have not increased the prices, and will continue to charge MVR 150," said Siraj.

He further said that the waste collection fees charged since WAMCO's inception in 2016 are no longer appropriate, as waste is now processed and managed unlike at the beginning.

While the WAMCO bills for the ongoing month of May will be issued in June, the bill will also include charges from the previous month of April.

"Generally, STELCO issues its bills from the 20th of the previous month to the 20th of the current month. When our bills are combined with STELCO's bills, we will align our charges accordingly," said Siraj.

"For instance, if STELCO is billing for 28 days, then WAMCO's bill will reflect the corresponding 28 days. Similarly, if STELCO is billing for 31 days, our bill will reflect the same duration," Siraj said.

Starting from June 1, WAMCO will implement a charge of MVR4.93 for doorstep waste collection, and this amount will be reflected on STELCO's utility bill.

Earlier, WAMCO said that out of the 53,690 residences in Malé City, only 21,000 households regularly paid waste collection fees. This indicates that approximately 62 percent of residences in the City do not pay for the waste collection service.

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