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Cabbies discuss fare hike over fuel price surge

Mohamed Rehan
30 June 2022, MVT 11:57
Taxi drivers have continuously requested for fare price reviews from the Ministry of Transport; which however, had not been properly resolved till date-- Photo: Fayaz Moosa | Mihaaru
Mohamed Rehan
30 June 2022, MVT 11:57

Cab drivers in Greater Male' region has started active discussions to bump up taxi fares over the recent price surges in fuel.

A local taxi driver, who is leading the discussions, spoke with local media outlet "Mihaaru" about ongoing deliberation among the cab fraternity.

The discussions are carried out through a shared Viber community group.

Even though cabbies are currently discoursing over the possibility of incrementing fare prices, a verdict on the matter has yet to be reached.

"Apart from cabs, everything else has reflected this recent oil surge. This is the third price increment of fuel within this month, so it would put us at a challenging spot if we do not increase fare rates reflecting this," the driver who is centric in the cab discussions said.

Recently State Trading Organization (STO) announced a price surge of MVR16.55 per liter on petrol and MVR16.77 per liter on diesel.

However, retail price on fuel for businesses is between MVR18 to MVR20 per liter.

Meanwhile, some of the cab fraternity shared their favored price changes. Some of the suggestions include charging MVR40 for trips within Male' or Hulhumale' and the same amount for trips between Hulhumale' Phase I and Phase II.

Other suggestions include a fare of MVR85 for trips between Male' and Hulhule' and a fare of MVR95 for trips between Male' and Hulhumale' Phase II, as well as a fare of MVR85 for trips between Male' and Hulhumale'.

Moreover, Society for Youth Enhancement, an independent association, claims that multiple requests lodged at the Ministry of Transport to review taxi fares have not been evaluated or resolved so far.

The association further urged the ministry to respect the concerns of cab drivers and arrive at a mutually beneficial solution.

Following the previous price surges in fuel, local taxi drivers and taxi centers mounted pressure on the ministry to revise cab fares.

However, this ended with heated exchange between the parties without any eventual resolution.

Due to the ministry's non-compliance to the pleas of cab drivers and centers, taxi drivers started to charge their own fare prices for trips.

The non-compliance of the ministry had also resulted in a protest led by the cab fraternity as well.

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