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Parliament votes to increase pay of judges, councilors, leaders of independent institutions

Mariyath Mohamed
29 February 2024, MVT 07:20
Majlis emergency sitting
Mariyath Mohamed
29 February 2024, MVT 07:20

Parliament has voted on Wednesday in favour of raising the pay of judges, councilors and leaders of independent institutions.

The report compiled by the Public Accounts Committee on this matter received 69 votes in parliament today.

The committee report initially included increasing the pay of parliamentarians as well. This clause was later removed after severe public criticism.

Along with this, the mention of increasing the pay of the President and Vice President has also been removed from the report.

The committee's decision is to raise the pay of judges in all courts, councilors, leaders of all independent institutions as well as some others in similar positions.

This includes Governor of Maldives Monetary Authority, Prosecutor General, Auditor General, Children Ombudsperson, Commissioner General of Taxation, and the President, Vice President, as well as board members of the Privatization and Corporatization Board.

With the new changes, the Chief Justice will now receive a monthly salary of MVR 91,000, with Supreme Court judges being issued MVR 89,000 monthly.

Mayors of City Councils will now earn MVR 46,000 a month, while island council presidents will receive a salary of MVR 25,000. Atoll council presidents will be issued a monthly pay of MVR 33,000.

MVR 59,000 is the newly decided pay for Presidents of independent institutions, with Vice Presidents earning a slightly lower MVR 55,000 a month.

Pay of Prosecutor General, Commissioner General of Taxation and Auditor General is raised to MVR 74,000 per month each.