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Tree Top Hospital launches Contact Center in Eydhafushi

Rabeeha Amir
04 October 2023, MVT 11:20
Rabeeha Amir
04 October 2023, MVT 11:20

Tree Top Hospital has inaugurated a new contact center in Baa atoll Eydhafushi, aimed at streamlining appointment bookings for its hospital and TTH Clinic services in Malé City.

Expanding the center's workforce is part of the hospital's strategy to increase capacity, improve service accessibility, and enhance the overall guest experience.

As demand for their services continues to rise annually, with a growing number of individuals utilizing both OPD and IPD services, the establishment of this contact center is expected to significantly reduce wait times for contacting the hospital by phone.

Tree Top Hospital has provided comprehensive training to all new staff members joining the contact center team in Eydhafushi to ensure seamless service delivery.

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