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Polygraph test for police background checks now optional

Anaan Bushry
21 March 2023, MVT 14:46
Anaan Bushry
21 March 2023, MVT 14:46

The parliament has passed an amendment to the Police Act to make it optional for a candidate to get a polygraph done as part of their background checks before being enlisted as a police officer.

A polygraph is a machine used to determine whether a person is lying when answering questions.

The amendment to make background checks optional was submitted by North Hithadhoo MP Mohammed Aslam.

A number of MPs expressed concern over the proposed amendment to Article 17 of the Act to make the background check requirement optional. These members claimed it was a ploy to induct activists into the police service to influence the upcoming elections.

According to the article amended by the parliament's Committee on National Security Service, as the police service is an important job related to the national security of the country and the safety of the general public, prior to recruitment, they will have to undergo a background check in accordance with the police service employment regulations.

In addition, every police officer allowed to investigate must have at least a diploma-level qualification.

According to the provision, a criminal record and background check should be conducted. This provision does not preclude further analysis using a polygraph or other means of background checking.

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